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Use the links below to find Bold Venture Press titles quickly. Or use the search engine in the upper corner of the site. Book titles will take you to the print editions. eBook links are located on the print book page. We are updating the page Print and eBook links beside each title.

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Date With the Executioner, A by Ellen Smith

Name to Match My Soul, A by James Bravewolf

Adventures In Bonding by William P. Lazarus

Aerial Act: Poems of a Decidedly Different Nature by E. Doyle-Gillespie | Print eBook

Alias the Kansas Kid by John R. Rose | Print | eBook

Alibi (vintage mystery magazine replica)

Around the Turn by William P. Lazarus

Audrey's Private Haunts by Audrey Parente

Awesome Tales magazine


Benedict and Brazos [western, 37-book series] by E. Jefferson Clay

Bet Your Own Man by CJ Henderson | Print | eBook

Black Eye by Tony Masero | Print | eBook

Black Flames & Gleaming Shadows by Frank Coffman

Black Grandee by Johnston McCulley (Tales of Zorro's Old California)

Bloodscreams [Abraham Stroud, Vampire Hunter] by Robert W. Walker

Blood Is the Life by John L. French

Bluestone by Bryan Blake | Print | eBook

The Bookseller's Secret by Jeff Boyle Print | eBook

The Brass Chills by Hugh Pentecost | Print | eBook

The Brass Shroud by Bruce Cassiday | Print | eBook


Callback For a Corpse by Teel James Glenn | Print | eBook

Cancelled in Red by Hugh Pentecost | Print | eBook

The Catch by Mike Farris | Print eBook

The Cathedral by TJ Morris | Print | eBook

Challenge of the Unknown by CJ Henderson

Chronicles of the Skullmask by Teel James Glenn | Print | eBook

Closures by Jeff Boyle

Cogsworth Conundrum, The by T.J. Morris

Colors of Blood by Gerrie Ferris Finger

Compliments of the Domino Lady by Lars Anderson & Steranko

Confessions of a Klingon Linebacker by John G. Hertzler

Coven's Hornbook and Other Poems, The by Frank Coffman

Cultists Always Ring Twice by Teel James Glenn | Print | eBook


Dahmba by TJ Morris

Dateline: Washington by Patti Boeckman

Death Waits in Shanghai by Wayne Carey | Print | eBook

Devil Laughed, The by Gerrie Ferris Finger (Child Trace) | Print | eBook

Devil's Doubloons, The by Johnston McCulley (Tales of Zorro's Old California) | Print | eBook

Domino Lady: Compliments of the Domino Lady by Lars Anderson & Steranko

Domino Lady: Death On Exhibit by Rich Harvey

Dreamer's Dozen by Richard A. Lupoff


Eine besondere Sonne (The Sun Behind the Sky, German edition) by James Bravewolf

Elsewhen Gene, The by Gary Bullock

Emerald Assault (The Chandra Girls) by Chuck Burgess

End Game, The by Gerrie Ferris Finger (Child Trace) | Print | eBook

Erin by Wayne Carey

Europa's Child by James Bravewolf

Every Pig Got a Saturday by Mike Farris

Exploding Memoir, The by Johnny Strike | Print | eBook


Fae Well, My Lovely by Teel James Glenn | Print | eBook

Finding Phyllis & Other Howard Millar Capers by Jack Halliday | Print | eBook

Firefighters! by Karl W. Detzer

The Fleeting Prince by Jacob Marc Schafer

Flight of the Ko by TJ Morris

The Floater by Bruce Cassiday

Flying Blind by Howard Hammerman


The Galaxy Queen by John R. Rose

Ghost Bullet Range by Johnston McCulley

The Girl in the Trunk by Bruce Cassiday

The Great Seer Nostradamus Tells All! by William P. Lazarus

Guide to American Culture by William P. Lazarus


Hardcases and Homicide: A Grif and Fats Casebook by Gary Lovisi

Harvest of Homicide by Gary Lovisi | Print | Email

Heaven's Gate by TJ Morris with Glenn Price

Hellbent On Homicide by Gary Lovisi | Print | eBook

Hellfire Lounge, The (anthology series) edited by R. Allen Leider

Hidden Truths by Jeff Boyle

Homicide Highball by Robert Leslie Bellem & John Wooley


I'll Grind Their Bones by Theodore Roscoe

I'll Sing at Your Funeral by Hugh Pentecost | Print | eBook

Ice Flow by William P. Lazarus


Jack Hagee, P.I. series by C.J. Henderson

Joy to the World by William P. Lazarus


Kanaka Blues by Mike Farris | Print | eBook

The Kansas Kid Rides Again by John R. Rose

Khayyám’s Rubáiyát by Frank Coffman

The Killers Are Coming by Jack Bludis

Kit Carson (Young Kit Carson) by H. Bedford Jones | Print eBook


Larry Kent, P.I. by Don Haring

The Last Goodbye by Gary Lovisi

The Last Redhead by John L. French | Print eBook

The Last Temptation by Gerrie Ferris Finger (Child Trace) | Print | eBook

The Legend of Robin Hood (3-book series)

  • Outlaw (Book 1) | Print | eBook
  • Crusader (Book 2) | Print | eBook 
  • Hero (Book 3) | Print | eBook

Love Story Writer by Daisy Bacon


Maxi and Moxie by Teel James Glenn } 1930s Hollywood comedy, mystery, fantasy

Masked Rider Western — Heroic western pulp crimefighter!

Messiah: A History of One of the World’s Most Enduring Ideas by William P. Lazarus

My House of Dreams by Susan Kite

Murder In the Medina by Johnny Strike

Murder Trail by Bruce Cassiday | Print | eBook

Murder On the Way! by Theodore Roscoe

Murders Macabre by Norman Firth

Murmurs of Insanity by Gerrie Ferris Finger


Name of the Stranger by Johnny Strike

The Nemesis Chronicles by Gary Lovisi

No Free Lunch by CJ Henderson

No Stranger to Murder by Gerrie Ferris Finger

No Torrent Like Greed by CJ Henderson

Nostradamus Tells All! by William P. Lazarus

Nothing Lasts Forever by CJ Henderson


Old World Footprints by Cassie Symmes, H.P. Lovecraft (edited and annotated by David Goudsward)

Official Rules for Olympic Bed Riding by David B. Axelrod

On Any Dark and Spooky Night by Audrey Parente

Once a Pulp Man: The Secret Life of Judson P. Philips as Hugh Pentecost
by Audrey Parente

P | Q

Past Tense by William P. Lazarus (Adventures in Bonding #2) | Print | eBook

Peoria Nights: Nick Stihl, Private Investigator by Dr. Richard A. Olson | Print | eBook

Peter Baron: Special Agent by Bruce Cassiday

The Plot Genie series by Wycliffe A. Hill

Porn Queen by William P. Lazarus (Adventures in Bonding #1) | Print | eBook 

Primal Spillane: Early Stories 1941-1942 by Mickey Spillane | Print | eBook

Pulp Adventures (quarterly magazine)

Pulp Jazz: The Charles Boeckman Story by Charles Boeckman

Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story (audio) by Audrey Parente

Pulp Noir by Audrey Parente


Railroad Stories — various authors

The Red Menace by James Mullaney

Remembrance Acres: The Golden Years of Super-heroes by Stuart Hopen | Print | eBook

The Resurrected Man by E.C. Tubb

Rules of Privilege by Mike Farris | Print | eBook

Running With Wild Blood by Gerrie Ferris Finger (Child Trace) | Print | eBook


Sands of Time: Celebrating 100 Years of Racing by William P. Lazarus

Santa Heist and Other Christmas Stories by John L. French & Patrick Thomas | Print | eBook

Secret Weapon and Other Stories by E.C. Tubb

Senor Vulture by Johnston McCulley (Tales of Zorro's Old California)

Set to Kill  by William P. Lazarus (Adventures in Bonding #3) | Print | eBook

Signed in Blood edited by R. Allen Leider

Society of Ghosts by Johnny Strike

Something For Nothing by C.J. Henderson

Stagecoach to Hell by Charles Boeckman

Storm Over the Everglades by Patti Boeckman

Strictly Poison by Charles Boeckman

The Sun Behind the Sky by James Bravewolf

Superheated by Charles Burgess

T | U | V

Tales of Zorro's Old California by Johnston McCulley

The Taxol Thief by Ceylon Barclay

Thirty by O. Henry by O. Henry

Thubway Tham Meets the Crimson Clown by Johnston McCulley

Timely Confidential: When the Golden Age of Comics Young by Allen Bellman

To Battle Beyond by CJ Henderson | Print | eBook

Tommy on Green Hills by Peter David Parente

The Troublemaker and Other Stories by E.C. Tubb

The 24th Horse by Hugh Pentecost

The Twilight Patrol series by Stuart Hopen

The Tycoon and the Tigress by William R. Cox

Uncle Sam Makes a Poor Baby Daddy by Jane C. Talley

Vampire Dreams (Bloodscreams #1) by Robert W. Walker

W | X | Y

The Wages of Syn by John L. French

The Wall & The Life Buyer by E.C. Tubb

WAR, Inc. by Michael Kurland

The Well-Meaning Killer by Miranda Phillips Walker | Print | eBook

Werewolf's Grief (Bloodscreams #3) by Robert W. Walker

Where Memory Hides by Richard A. Lupoff

Where Memory Hides (Collector's edition) by Richard A. Lupoff

World Manhunters (vintage mystery magazine replica)

Wolf's Clothing by Gerrie Ferris Finger (Child Trace) | Print | eBook

WYXIE Wonderland by Dick Osgood

Young Kit Carson by H. Bedford Jones | Print | eBook


Zombie Eyes (Bloodscreams #3) by Robert W. Walker

Zorro: The Complete Pulp Adventures (Six volumes) by Johnston McCulley

Zorro and the Irish Colonel by Eugene H. Craig | Print | eBook

Zorro and the Little Devil by Peter David | Print | eBook

Zorro: The Daring Escapades — Audrey Parente and Daryl McCullough, editors | Print | eBook

Zorro: Tales of Zorro's Old California

Zorro: The Promise of Zorro by Heather Victoria Anderson

Zorro's Exploits Audrey Parente, editor