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Tommy on Green Hills

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Peter David Parente
7" x 10" Trade paperback
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by Peter David Parente

(Spanish edition available)

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends ... but not for a turkey!

Green Hills Turkey Farm is a nice place to visit — but the longer they stick around, the better the chances of them being eaten! What happens when the dreaded day approaches, and Tommy and Mike (bother turkeys) take it on the lam?

This is the story of two turkeys who decided to duck out, before they were served at the feast!

Peter David Parente is an active 8-year-old third grader in Broward County, Florida. He speaks two languages, loves to play video games and is a big fan of The Incredibles. Peter David is an excellent fisherman and won a fishing pole in a competition during summer camp. Participation in recreational soccer, basketball and baseball fills up some of his free time. He is learning the art of boxing through a recreational program.
Tommy on Green Hills was written by Peter David at home, as part of a virtual school assignment during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the first of his stories to be published, but he has been writing short stories since he began elementary school.