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The Rat Bastards #4: Meat Grinder Hill

Rat Bastards, The


“… Levinson knows how to keep a reader turning pages …” Hank Brown, Two-Fisted Blogger

"As with all of the earlier books, this is a top-notch WWII adventure set during the grueling fight to take Guadalcanal from dug-in Japanese troops." Paperback Warrior

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Len Levinson
206 pages
6 x 9 Trade pperback
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by Len Levinson (writing as John Mackie)

Hell's choir of killers!

The quiet of the jungle is shattered by a single command. The air fills with voices of death. A Texas cattle call. An Apache war whoop. A piercing scream of bloody blue murder. A killing chorus of zinging hot lead.

A mighty green wave surges up the hill. The Rat Bastards are on the rampage, and what the enemy began, they are about to finish …

Fourth in the explosive 16-book series! Produced under license from the author.