Zorro and the Irish Colonel

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BVP 919
Eugene Craig
6" x 9" paperback & hardcover

Expected release date is Jul 16th 2021

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by Eugene Craig

In the pueblo of Los Angeles California, nearly 200 years ago, with its warmth, romance and peaceful beauties, a dread malady had crept in — the disease of oppression.

On one particular afternoon, with a flick of the whip, a soldier stepped up behind the man and the afternoon became filled with the sounds of the rising and falling of a leather lash on a human back at the order of a despotic military comandante.

Out of the mystery of the unknown — appeared a masked rider who rode up and down the great highway — punishing and protecting — who cunningly avoided apprehension by authorities. He became a hero to the oppressed, who — cunning as a fox — in the language of the Latinos, was called El Zorro

But this story doesn’t actually begin with Zorro. The story begins with the passengers on a coach from San Pedro, heading for Los Angeles carrying a handful of passengers — including in particular, a young boy and his mother, and a seemingly amicable Irish Colonel, with a sordid history who was carrying a dark secret. In Los Angeles, he intended to avenge the deaths of men slaughtered in his regiment. Would he carry his retribution into the ranks of the innocents?"

Zorro created by Johnston McCulley.

Produced under license from Zorro Productions, Inc.

Zorro ® & © 2021 Zorro Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.