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Railroad Stories #2: The Legend of King Lawson

Railroad Stories

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by E.S. Dellinger

Five linked tales from Railroad Stories Magazine starring King Lawson! Written by an author who knew his trains first-hand!

"Washout!" ... "Mixed Orders" ... "Boomer Trails" ... "Landslide!" and "Snowed In" -- five hair-raising, heart-tugging stories following William "Kings" Lawson from gandy dancer to trainmaster, and then from riches to rags! Lawson turns his back on a harrowing accident, an unfaithful wife, a duplicitous friend, and follows the lonely Boomer Trail from town to town to train yard.

Can King return to the top of the railroad heap? Was he responsible for the tragic accident that cost hundreds their lives? Did his wife and former friend have relations behind his unsuspecting back? Or was it all a tragic misjudgment? How will they ever reconcile when floods, fires, snow drifts and shady con-men come between them?

Produced under license from White River Publishing.