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Railroad Stories #3: Gangsters of the Rails

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by E.S. Dellinger

Gangsters of the Rails was serialized in six issues of Railroad Stories Magazine, beginning with the November 1931 issue. "Gangsters" represents E.S. Dellinger writing with all the skill he commanded in railroad fiction — atmosphere, colorful characters, action, romance. A lengthier word count allowed him to fully develop the relationships and conflict surrounding the badland known as "Cootie's Bluff."

Connie Turner, son of the murdered boss of Cootie’s Bluff, walked into plenty of trouble after taking a job on the K., G. & O. Plunder and mystery surrounds the railyards in this nail-biting yarn by E.S. Dellinger, America’s premier railroad fiction author.

With an action-packed painting by Emmett Watson and atmospheric illustrations by Joe Easley, Gangsters of the Rails is action-packed pulp fiction!

Produced under license from White River Publishing.