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Stagecoach to Hell

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western anthology
by Charles Boeckman

Stagecoach to Hell features Charles Boeckman, author of Strictly Poison and Other Stories, writing in his element—the authentic old west. He knows the history, the people, and he knows their stubborn Texas pride—resulting in trouble or triumph. Sometimes both.…

Climb aboard, and encounter an assortment of colorful characters: a bride who refuses to trade one form of slavery for another; a barber with a secret past; a dime novel fan forced to confront real danger; two riverboat captains determined to win a race at all costs; and many others. There's even an appearance by Bat Masterson, and a tale to remember the Alamo! Grab a canteen and prepare for a bumpy ride across the burning sands of pulp fiction!

This anthology features ten stories culled from classic western pulp magazines, selected by the author. "Brazos Woman," "Bad Man from Boston," "Rusty Guns," "The Kid Comes Back," "The Last Bullet," "Stage Coach to Hell," "Home Is the Killer," "Bitter Reunion at Rimrock," "The Devil’s Deadline," and "Hell’s Cargo."