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Railroad Stories #4: Civil War & Tales of Jaggers Dunn

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by A. Leslie Scott

Two Railroad Stories features in one book!

Civil War, from the December 1933 issue: Engineer Boone Hatfield rises through Confederate ranks, transporting troops and artillery via the South Carolina Railroad. Soon, he’s tasked with keeping General Sherman's Union army at bay in a running battle stretching to Richmond, Virginia.

Jaggers Dunn and Tales of the C. & P. : General Manager John G. Dunn and his scrappy pals confront problems on the C. & P. rail line with a smile. Flood, fire, thieves, and racial tension — when “Jaggers” Dunn is on the job, nothing will prevent the C. & P. from maintaining a schedule in these ten bonus stories.

Illustrated by Emmett Watson, Mayo Bunker, Charles Durant, D.H. Hilliker, and J. Campbell Farren

Produced under license from White River Publishing.