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Pulp Adventures #17

Pulp Adventures

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente
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Spring 2015

Johnston McCulley, Charles Boeckman, Basil Wells,
Walt Coburn, Richard Lupoff, Richard Simms.

"The Kidnapped Midas" by Johnston McCulley
The Thunderbolt shows a stingy skinflint the error of his ways by making him pay his own ransom.
"I'll Make the Arrest" Charles Boeckman
A police lieutenant assures everyone that he'll arrest a murder suspect -- until the case turns personal ....
"Caverns of Ith" by Basil Wells
Could humans and the race of interior world dwellers co-exist peacefully? It was possible, if they could stand together against a group of raiders ...
"Firebrand" by Walt Coburn
That ugly accusation had been branded onto his skin, and he would carry it with him to the grave ... but he intended to usher the culprits into the grave ahead of him!
"Working Class Hero" by Richard Lupoff
Basil Wells remains an overlooked treasure in science fiction.
"Introduction to Caverns of Ith"
A brief introduction to a science-fantasy classic.
Original pulp illustrations, plus new art by Ed Coutts.
Cover by Norman Saunders.

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    Third issue of the new version of Pulp Adventures

    Posted by Michael Brown on Feb 28th 2020

    The third issue of the new Pulp Adventures, #17, is now out. We get another great collection of pulp fiction with a Norman Saunders western cover. We don’t have any similar series of pulp reprints out there now, so this fills, in my opinion, a real need. Let’s look at what we get in this issue. First off is “I’ll Make the Arrest” by Charles Boeckman. Boeckman is an overlooked pulp author who in the last couple of years has become better known — in part because he’s still alive! Several of his works have now been reprinted. This is a murder mystery reprinted from Manhunt, a mid-’50s digest. The editorial from this issue is on this story, and we learned that it was turned into an episode of the early TV series Celebrity Playhouse. Information on how to obtain a copy of this episode on DVD is given, along with an ad for a collection of Boeckman’s other works. Next is “The Kidnapped Midas” by Johnston McCulley, which is the second of his Thunderbolt series. The Thunderbolt was one of his series of early heroes who are set out to defeat a certain group of individuals, a total of six, each in one of six stories. While the series was published in book form back in the 1930s, no one has yet reprinted this complete series today, though Murania Press will be reprinting the first three soon. Hopefully they (or someone else) will do the second collection. We get a science-fiction tale: “Caverns of Ith” by Basil Wells, along with an intro by Richard Lupoff. Wells wrote a lot of short science fiction, many of which were collected. Ramble House has published an omnibus collection, and the forward to that collection is also reprinted as a non-fiction piece as well. In this tale from Fantasy Book in 1948, humans crashland on a planet. Will they be able to co-exist peacefully with the race of interior world dwellers they meet? Especially in the face of a common foe? Finally, a western story, “Firebrand” by Walt Coburn, which inspired the cover selected. The hero is accused of a crime and branded for it. And he intends to find those responsible and make them pay. This comes from an issue of Frontier Stories from the 1940s. Overall, another great collection. It was asked if more non-fiction like the piece on Basil Wells should be included. I actually like the idea of having non-fiction pieces that tie in with the fiction reprints. Makes for a more cohesive collection. Also, this issue had several new pieces of artwork, rather than reprint artwork from the pulps, though I do like that as well.