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Domino Lady: Death On Exhibit

Domino Lady

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Softcover, 7" x 10"
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by Rich Harvey

Introduction by Ron Fortier

That masked manhunter, The Domino Lady, takes a vacation from the soundstages and back alleys of Los Angeles for San Diego and the California Pacific International Exposition. Overseeing the exhibition as one of the investors, Ellen Patrick learns of a jealousy-driven plot to destroy the exhibition -- and the city's economy!

Death On Exhibit represents a bold new project for The Domino Lady — it's a full-length adventure written as a radio drama from the 1930s! Part One "All's Fair In War" appeared in the Moonstone Books anthology Domino Lady: Sex As a Weapon. It was eventually recorded with a full-cast by the AudioComics Company in San Francisco. Now, for the first time, you can read the full-story ... A One-Million Dollar Bill, John Dillinger's armored car, and a villain who redefines "entitlement."

Includes the scripts: All's Fair In War, Moxie's Gamble, Blood Is Thicker.

Cover by Martin Baines, illustrated by Ed Coutts and Jun Bob Kim