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Death On Location

William R. Cox

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William R. Cox
140 pages
6 x 9 trade paperback
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by William R. Cox

A Tom Kincaid crime mystery ...

DEATH in Vegas. Two hopheads pull a heist in a crowded casino — your casino, Kincaid ....

DEATH in the Nevada hills. A wrist twists, a knife strikes, and a beautiful girl lies dead on a movie set — your movie, Kincaid ....

DEATH is something you’ve always lived with if your name’s Tom Kincaid and you’re a professional gambler who’s willing to bet against long odds.

DEATH is something you’ve got to expect, Kincaid — especially when you’ve put up a million to back a movie, Gun For Sale, starring your girl.

The Tom Kincaid trilogy concludes with a hardboiled tale of movies and gambling!

Electronic edition available from Piccadilly Publishing. Produced under license with Piccadilly Publishing.