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Death Waits in Shanghai (eBook)

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Wayne Carey
66,500 words
ePub and Mobi Kindle
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A new Johnny Falco thriller by Wayne Carey

Available in print book edition

The senator’s daughter went missing in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The FBI turned to Johnny Falco for help.

Falco escaped the life of a gangster at sixteen, finding a new path in the Shaolin Temple in China. Now he seeks to atone for his mobster father’s violence. It sounded like the right thing to do, until the search for eighteen-year-old Kristine Mansfield led from a Chinese tong to the triads of China.

Falco and his friends — former IRA terrorist Flanagan and Zulu prince Mzoma — follow a tong leader’s son and his sister across the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to Japan to Shanghai and Hong Kong. As they dodge numerous attempts on their lives, the chances of Johnny Falco (and the girl) ever returning to sunny California seem increasingly dim.