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“Fans of Tarzan and Doc Savage will feel right at home with Rex Brandon.” —

Rex Brandon #1: Death Warriors (eBook)

Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter

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Denis Hughes
33,400 words
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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by Denis Hughes

(available in print format)

When geologist and big game hunter Rex Brandon set off into the African jungle to prospect for a rare mineral, he knew dangers lie ahead. Two previous expeditions had never returned. George Traski brought back rich samples from the deep interior — but refused to say where he found them. Instead, he insisted on mounting a second expedition for a more detailed survey. Then he vanished …

More recently, Professor Shaw and his daughter went missing after following in Traski’s footsteps. Brandon decided the time had come to locate the mineral deposit, and find the missing explorers. But he little realized to what dangers his own safari would be exposed …

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