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Rex Brandon #4: White Gold (eBook)

Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter

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Denis Hughes
34,895 words
epub / mobi Kindle
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by Denis Hughes

(available in paperback)

Deep in Central Africa, plantation owner Randolph Meyrick stumbled across something that had hitherto been only a legend—an Elephant’s Graveyard! With a fortune in ivory at stake, Meyrick invites Rex Brandon, famous geologist and big game hunter, to partner him in a safari to the Matan Hills.

Others know of Meyrick’s discovery — unscrupulous rivals who will stop at nothing to obtain the white gold for themselves. Brandon soon finds himself caught up in a desperate contest for survival, battling unseen enemies and native perils, with agonizing death for the unwary.

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Book and cover design by Rich Harvey

Produced under license from Cosmos Literary Agency