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Rex Brandon #4: White Gold

Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter

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Denis Hughes
112 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Denis Hughes

(available in eBook format)

Deep in Central Africa, plantation owner Randolph Meyrick stumbled across something that had hitherto been only a legend—an Elephant’s Graveyard! With a fortune in ivory at stake, Meyrick invites Rex Brandon, famous geologist and big game hunter, to partner him in a safari to the Matan Hills.

Others know of Meyrick’s discovery — unscrupulous rivals who will stop at nothing to obtain the white gold for themselves. Brandon soon finds himself caught up in a desperate contest for survival, battling unseen enemies and native perils, with agonizing death for the unwary.

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Book and cover design by Rich Harvey

Produced under license from Cosmos Literary Agency

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    Another great jungle adventure tale

    Posted by Michael Brown on Apr 26th 2024

    The Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter series continues with the fourth book, White Gold, again from Bold Venture Press. Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter #4This 12-volume series was published in England from 1951-52 by Curtis Warren. They were written by Denis Hughes (1917-2008), who was a prolific writer mainly of western and science-fiction works. He is largely unknown because almost nothing appeared under his name but rather under a dozen pseudonyms. This one appeared under the name Marco Garon. Full disclosure: I was sent a copy to proofread. This time our hero, Rex, a geologist and big-game hunter, is in Northern Rhodesia, which is today Zambia. Instead of being on safari, he’s on vacation at a hotel. There he overhears an interesting conversation and meets with one of the speakers, a local rancher named Meyrick. Meyrick has an interesting problem: he’s apparently discovered the fabled elephants’ graveyard. But he is wary of others who also want in. And as an added inducement for Rex, he has also discovered some ore he is looking for. So the two plan to head out before anyone can follow them. But things aren’t so simple. There is a girl involved, pulled in by her uncle. But whose side is she on? The bad guys have also hired a pilot to help them look for Rex and his group. Rex tries to throw them off but isn’t entirely successful. Then they have to deal with various natives. One group is tricked into attacking Rex’s group. Others are followers of an elephant cult. And there will also be various dangerous animals, like rhinos (for the first time) and lions. In the end, despite all the dangers, you know Rex and the others will get out safely. But will that include any ivory? It’s another interesting read. Be advised that there is elephant hunting and some natives may not be depicted the way you’d like, but this is typical of the time. I did like that they are trying to avoid being formulaic with the stories, moving Rex around. It will be interesting to see how the next stories go. Check this one out for some good jungle action stories.