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Rex Brandon #5: Black Sport

Rex Brandon, Jungle Hunter

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Denis Hughes
112 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Denis Hughes

(available in eBook format)

Peter Cradling, a geologist and diamond expert said goodbye to his fiancée, Lesley Fane — possibly for the last time. His flight bound for the United Kingdom never reaches its first refueling point in Northern Rhodesia, and the pilot never sends and S.O.S.

With nowhere to turn, Lesley seeks out her uncle’s friend, geologist and big-game hunter Rex Brandon. The girl suspects sabotage, and believes Peter is still alive. With her uncle, Jim Carrington, Brandon agrees to head a private safari to search for survivors — and the missing diamond samples. Once underway, Brandon realizes the hair-raising adventure may end in death for himself and his companions.

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Book and cover design by Rich Harvey

Produced under license from Cosmos Literary Agency