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Domino Lady, Compliments of the

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by Lars Anderson,
Illustrated by Steranko
The original femme fatale!
Six stories featuring the sexy masked manhunter -- prowling the soundstages and penthouses of 1936 Hollywood. A beautiful young woman falling in and out of love, scarred by personal tragedy, who vows to dismantle a crooked political machine -- one corrupt official and ruthless gangster at a time.

Steranko provides a new cover, but its the "title page dramatizations" that electrify this collection. Steranko revives the Domino Lady with the beauty and style in which she was created by pulp artist Norman Saunders. Each double-page illustration introduces a story with art deco magic and astract mystery. Describing the illustrations can't do them justice -- but Steranko certainly does justice to the lovely Ellen Patrick, alias the siren of justice, Domino Lady.

Six stories, Steranko cover and title pages, original pulp illustrations, afterward "Who Was Lars Anderson?" by Will Murray.