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The Last Temptation (eBook)

Moriah Dru, Child Trace

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Gerrie Ferris Finger
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by Gerrie Ferris Finger

A Moriah Dru / Richard Lake mystery

(also available in softcover format)

Murder and deceit are not strangers to glamorous Palm Springs — or to Atlanta …

During a fierce custody battle, recovering addict Eileen Cameron and her daughter Kinley Whitney vanish into the night. The estranged husband, Bradley Whitney, insists Eileen has taken their daughter to hide with the Indians in the desert.

Moriah Dru of Child Trace is hired to locate the girl and her home — but Dru is wary of the husband’s claims. Working with her lover, police Lieutenant Richard Lake, they delve into Bradley’s past, and find themselves also investigating the Atlanta Suburban Girl murders. Is there a connection between the two seemingly unrelated cases?