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Cancelled in Red

Lt. Luke Bradley

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By Hugh Pentecost
An Inspector Luke Bradley mystery

"First published in 1939, this reissue marks the debut of NYPD Insp. Luke Bradley. A formulaic whodunit set in the stamp collecting world ... many readers will enjoy this installment and want to seek out Pentecost's other works." — Publishers Weekly

High-end stamp collecting has a head-on collision with hardboiled pulp fiction. To some, the postage stamps were colored bits of paper, but one person in New York City was willing to kill for them ....

Max Adrian was the rare stamp broker everyone in the know avoided — and those unfortunate enough to do business with him harbored grudges. It never mattered to the shifty broker, until someone demanded a refund at gunpoint.

Soon, Adrian’s rival Larry Storm plays amateur detective for the benefit of an alluring client. Storm is one step ahead of the tenacious Inspector Luke Bradley, who’s one step behind a cold-blooded killer — and Storm had better start running....

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