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24th Horse, The

Lt. Luke Bradley

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Hugh Pentecost
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by Hugh Pentecost

An Inspector Luke Bradley mystery

Just as Cancelled in Red took Inspector Luke Bradley, the soft-spoken, hard-boiled cop, through the intriguing maze of the stamp collecting racket, so this mystery tangles Bradley up in the fast tanbark crowd.

The 24th Horse gallops after a host of hard-faced people, some of them with more money than is good for them — and others, unfortunately, with far too little.

From the minute Johnny Curtin drives a coupé with the body of a murdered girl in the rumble seat to Inspector Bradley’s door, this novel keeps moving — fast! The 24th Horse is a tense, absorbing mystery novel that will hold the reader to the final page as Bradley sets a trap for a desperate killer — and finds himself face to face with death!