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A Date With the Executioner

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Ellen Smith
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by Ellen Smith

(True Crime)

In the pages of A Date With the Executioner, you will become intimately acquainted with the sister of a charismatic man who killed without remorse and faced the ultimate punishment.

A Date With the Executioner is a non-fiction/true crime story, with only the names changed to protect the innocent. But more than just a crime thriller, this story, told through the sister's eyes, relates how from a young age her normal family life was disrupted by her brother's erratic behavior which hinted early on at a destructive personality. She relates how her tormented mother was constantly turned aside by the system in a futile search to find him help, long before he was executed by the same system that ignored him.

The brother, a death-row prisoner in Texas for 17 years was loved and hated, and his controversial circumstances caused agony to his victims and deeper agony and humiliation to his own family leading up to his execution.