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Hellbent on Homicide

Griff and Fats

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Gary Lovisi
5.5" x 8.5" softcover
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by Gary Lovisi

A Griff and Fats crime novel

(Also available in eBook format)

“First-rate hard-boiled fiction. Mike Hammer probably crossed paths with Griff and Fats, who live in the back alleys of Jim Thompson country.” — Booklist

Bay City, 1962 — a time of peace and trust, when girls hitch-hiked without a care. But for an ice-hearted killer, it’s a time of easy pickings. When he kills the daughter of a rich power-broker, all hell breaks loose, and he goes on a crazy killing spree to cover his tracks. Then Griff and Fats, two free-wheeling homicide detectives, begin hunting the monster who tortures and kills, but time is running out. This police procedural novel is a hardboiled roller-coaster of sex, violence, and suspense.

Hellbent on Homicide marks the beginning of Gary Lovisi's chronicles of Griff and Fats, two homicide detectives who often cross the line bringing killers to justice.

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