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Zorro: The Daring Escapades (eBook)


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Audrey Parente & Daryl McCullough
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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Edited by Audrey Parente and Daryl McCullough

(Available in Print format)

Zorro returns in 16 all-new thrilling adventures from multiple authors, based on the legendary character created by Johnston McCulley.

Zorro: The Daring Escapades brings you ... Action ... Adventure ... Comedy ... Romance ... Horror ... Swashbuckling excitement in stories influenced by Johnston McCulley and the various interpretations of Zorro — such as the Walt Disney television series, the New World series, and others.

  • "Zorro: Death of a Grandee" by John L. French
  • "España Nueva — Ano 1620" by Richard A. Lupoff
  • "The Fox and Hound" by Joseph A. Lovece
  • "Zorro’s “Z” Lesson for a Little Girl" by Francisco Silva
  • "Zorro’s Showdown in El Camino Real" by Francisco Silva
  • "Zorro Under Fire" by Linda Bindner
  • "Zorro and the Gypsy" Gold by Susan Kite
  • "Sins of the Past" by Diana Barkley
  • "The Cat and the Fox" by Bret Bouriseau
  • "Zorro: Stranger Than Fiction" by Daryl McCullough
  • "Jewels for The King" by Mari K. Ross
  • "Brand of El Lobo" by Robert Scott Cranford
  • "Zorro’s Quest for Justice" by Eugene Craig
  • "Zorro’s Midnight Mission" by Will Murray
  • "The Scourge of Capistrano" by William Patrick Maynard
  • "Of a Rebellious Nature" by Pamela Elbert Poland

Cover by Daniel Horne 

Introductions: "Quest for McCulley's Zorro" by Lee Weinstein; "Editors' Notes" by Daryl McCullough and Audrey Parente; and "Zorro to Batman" by Michael Uslan