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Zorro and the Forbidden Country (eBook)


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Zorro's Pacific Odyssey:
Book 2 of 3
Susan Kite
57,000 words
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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(Also available in print format)

Danger in a foreign land!

Zorro’s bold debut in the land of the setting sun finds him charged with murder, running from the Emperor’s minions and British soldiers! Though he despairs of returning home, the fox targets a group of sadistic opium dealers, to whom peace-loving peasants are but human bargaining chips.

Half a world away, Diego’s father and other wealthy landowners unite against a gang of cutthroat terrorists. With the Curse of Capistrano conveniently gone, California’s fertile lands look ripe for plunder!

Zorro’s Pacific Odyssey, an original trilogy, takes “The Fox” from the California deserts, across the unforgiving Pacific, to strange challenges in an unfamiliar land!

Zorro created by Johnston McCulley. Produced under license from Zorro Productions, Inc.

Zorro ® & © 2022 Zorro Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.