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The Vengeance of Zorro (eBook)


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Barry Creyton
29,332 words
ePub/Mobile Kindle
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by Barry Creyton

The new Commandante’s arrival in Reina de los Angeles was uneventful. Then Capitán Juan Ruelas began mapping his path to political power. He began by overtaxing the people, to finance his campaign. Those who could not pay his high taxes were tortured.

Juanita, the pretty tavern server, sought help for her imprisoned father. She turned to Fray Felipe and Don Diego de la Vega — the lazy popinjay who moonlighted as the masked Zorro, scourge of outlaws and sworn enemy to tyrants. But perhaps not all Zorro’s cleverness can protect him and his loved ones when Ruelas’s oppression assumes a more personal nature.

Through the memoirs of Bernardo, Diego’s loyal manservant, unfold the degradations carried out by Capitan Ruelas, and the revenge exacted by Zorro.

Produced under license from Zorro Productions, Inc.

Available in trade paperback, hardcover and digital editions.