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Strictly Poison

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by Charles Boeckman

Charles Boeckman fuses pulp fiction and jazz in these pulsating stories, drawing heavily on the author’s music background. Twenty-two stories culled from the pulps and classic crime digests, featuring sad people trying to escape dreary lives. Shifty con-artists, embittered detectives, hen-pecked losers, and more. 

This collection features "I'll Make the Arrest" — originally published in the premiere issue of Manhunt, and adapted to television as a Celebrity Playhouse episode, starred Philip Carey, Jan Sterling and Virginia Vincent. [This story appears in Pulp Adventures #17, illustrated by Ed Coutts, with an editorial devoted to the search for this missing episode.]

Boeckman left home in the early 1940s and traveled the country as a musician, kicking around from New York City to New Orleans. In between gigs, he pounded out hardboiled stories on his second-hand typewriter. His stories appeared in Dime DetectiveAlfred Hitchcock's Mystery MagazineManhunt, and many others.

When Boeckman combines his love of jazz with hardboiled pulp prose, his fiction reaches a two-fisted crescendo.

Cover by Robert A. Maguire


  1. Strictly Poison
  2. Should a Tear Be Shed?
  3. Watch Him Die
  4. The G String Corpse
  5. Prophetic the Portrait Painter
  6. The Last Trumpet
  7. Mr. Banjo
  8. Mind Over Murder
  9. Class Reunion
  10. Blind Date
  11. The Pinata
  12. I’ll Make the Arrest
  13. Ybor City
  14. In Memoriam
  15. Dixieland Dirge
  16. A Hot Lick For Doc
  17. How to Kill a Corpse
  18. Run, Cat, Run
  19. Blackmail Is a Boomerang
  20. Speak of the Dead
  21. Afraid to Live
  22. Die-Die, Baby
  23. Home for Killers
  24. Eddie Builds His Mousetrap