Secret Weapon and Other Stories

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by E.C. Tubb 

In this new collection by E.C. Tubb, a past master of science fiction presents five classics of the genre:

Secret Weapon

The secret military installation on the moon, with its missile capability to strike at aggressors on Earth, was a Sword of Damocles keeping world peace. But there was another secret weapon ranged against it…

Forbidden Fruit

The Venusian fruits contained an element which altered the human metabolism so that it became indispensable. Once the fruit was eaten a man could never return to Earth. Yet to pay for the expensive imported Earth food was to walk into an economic mantrap…

Third Party

Two warring alien races fight another chapter of their interstellar struggle operating incognito on the Earth…

The Give-Away Worlds

The problem wasn’t to find new planets. It was to find people to settle on them—and stay alive!

The Seekers

It was a strange thing they found on the surface of the uninhabited planet: an artefact that granted anyone who beheld the realization their innermost desires…