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Railroad Stories #8: Colorado Midland (eBook)

Railroad Stories

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Norman F. Brandhorst
Railroad Stories
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Six stories by Norman F. Brandhorst, originally presented in Railroad Stories Magazine between 1933-1934:
(Available in print edition)

A cloud of suspicion hanging over him, Boomer Dan Hart tackles the toughest chunk of railroad in the world!

A Man’s Job

It takes more than a dumb cluck to keep an engine hot!

Boomer Jim’s Last Run

Tomorrow he would be an old man, on the downward path; tonight he was a youth again!

Railroad Man

He rode close to eternity before he came back!

Brass Hat

A gripping story of an official hated by all his employees.


There was more to building this pike than blasting out the grade and laying tracks!

Cover by Aurion Proctor; Illustrated by Joseph Easley and Douglas Hilliker

Produced under license with White River Productions, Inc.