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Love Story Writer

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Love Story Writer

Daisy Bacon

Introduction by Laurie Powers
Afterword by Michelle Nolan

For nearly twenty-five years, Daisy Bacon was the editor of Street & Smith’s Love Story Magazine, arguably the most successful romance-themed pulp fiction magazine of all time. In her words, Miss Bacon shares her insights and experience in managing a successful publication and authoring romantic fiction. Her advice gives us a glimpse into a past era, but remains as fresh today as when the pulps populated newsstands across America. With introductions and afterwords by pop culture historians Laurie Powers and Michelle Nolan.

From the back cover of Love Story Writer (1954):

“Daisy Bacon effervesces with life. To those who know her she is like champagne before breakfast. Yet she has the integrity of New England granite. She loves cats, clothes, sparkling conversation and gardens. For 20 years, an editor of LOVE STORY magazine, she dealt with the vagaries of the heart and the inevitable complications which arise when Eve meets her Adam. From her editorial experience, Miss Bacon has distilled a merry, fast-moving book, written with zest and gusto, which packs a high charge of information without a trace of pedantry or pontification.”