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Railroad Stories #9: The Ballad of Redhot Frost (eBook)

Railroad Stories

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E. S. Dellinger
Railroad Stories
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(Also available in print edition)
An epic romance, comprised of four stories by E. S. Dellinger, originally presented in Railroad Stories Magazine between May - August 1933:

It was an ominous spot on the map, barely a town — A few ramshackle buildings in the Oklahoma mountains, built before everyone decided “the heck with it.” After the new Gulf Lines president insisted on a cutoff between South Fork and Durham, the hi-jackings and violence began … Adoniram Steel’s father suffered first. “Addie’s” heart hardened toward the outlaw gang, but it melted for Virginia “Redhot” Frost, spitfire daughter of conductor Jack Frost. She had her own score to settle, and even World War I couldn’t get in her way …

  • Creeping Shadows (May 1933)
  • Rails to the Front (June 1933)
  • Brake Clubs and Bayonets (July 1933)
  • Magic of the Rails (August 1933)

Plus: An afterword by E. S. Dellinger himself, "Happy Days on the 'MOP' and Frisco," wherein the author reminiscences about his days working and riding the American railways.

Cover by Emmett Watson; Illustrated by Joseph Easley

Produced under license with White River Productions, Inc.