Callback for a Corpse (eBook)

Maxi and Moxie

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BVP 279e
Teel James Glenn
ePub / Kindle
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Coming February 11, 2022

(Available in print format)

A murdered stoolie leaves behind a tip for “Moxie” Donovan, freelance reporter. A glamorous actresses appears too perfect. Could she be connected to multiple murders and occult magic? In between takes for a musical version of Alice in Wonderland, Donovan’s wife Maxine (“Maxi”) joins the investigation. Within a strange animation studio lurks an alchemist with a unique method of “remaking” starlets.

MOXIE DONOVAN is a tough Irish reporter married to red-haired, Jewish movie star MAXI KELLER. Relocated to Universal Studios in Hollywood in 1938, the duo investigate mysteries spinning into the realm of weird tales, often with the Nazi menace and occult matters looming behind the famous Hollywoodland sign.