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Audrey's Private Haunts

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Cover art:
Stephen Fabian
The Strange Company, 1987
72, 7"x10" perfect bound
Horror, anthology
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Horror anthology by Audrey Parente featuring nineteen short stories:
  • The Persuader
  • Cry Mommy
  • Poor Banished Children of Eve
  • National Profligacy
  • The Battle of Mushroom Hill
  • Sour Grapes
  • Dying Love
  • Occurrence at Capri
  • Hydrophobia
  • The Finishers
  • Private Haunt
  • Conspicuous Consumption Just Between Friends
  • Absolutely Dead
  • A Night at the Castillo
  • Death in a Cabbage Patch
  • Love Affair Beneath a Witches' Moon
  • Midnight Union
  • Successful Removal of a Cancer
  • The Possession of Linda