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Peoria Nights: Nick Stihl, Private Investigator

Nick Stihl, Private Investigator

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Dr. Richard A. Olson
224 pages
6" x 9" paperback
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by Dr. Richard A. Olson

(available in eBook format)

In the 1930s, Peoria, Illinois, was ruled by ruthless gangs with an iron hand. But a former boxer turned private investigator fought violence and graft with fists of steel.

Wood Versus Stihl: A top-secret industrial formula turning wood as hard as steel? It doesn’t seem likely, until Fifth Columnists invade Peoria, and Nick Stihl goes in swinging.

How to Stihl Rubies: British jewel thieves set their sites on a cache of rubies. Unfortunately for them, they’re in Nick Stihl’s bailiwick.

Let’s Stihl Halloween: Millionaire Dr. Lars Svenson’s annual costume party attracts spooks and beauties, like a dame with a Blue Butterfly sapphire necklace. Nick parties until the butterfly takes flight from its rightful owner.

Book and cover design by Rich Harvey

Produced under license from the author.