Red Menace #1: Red and Buried


“In the world of adventure writers, Jim Mullaney stands on top of the mountain. Read him now. You’ll marvel and then you’ll roll on the floor, laughing.”

— Warren Murphy, creator of The Destroyer

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James Mullaney
Softcover, 6" x 9"
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by James Mullaney
Cover by Mark Maddox

Red and Buried marks the "return" of The Red Menace, the number one enemy of anti-American forces in the 1950s! When his deadliest enemy surfaces in Cuba, decades later, The Red Menace dusts off his stealth cloak and strike off to settle an old score — permanently, with the future of Democracy hanging in the balance. Jim Mullaney, co-author with Warren Murphy of Remo Williams: The Destroyer, delivers a tour de force of action-adventure and political satire.

WHO IS THE RED MENACE? Throughout the 1950s, this was the number one question from Moscow to Beijing and in every communist palace and malaria-ridden backwater in between. The mysterious masked figure was a shadow and a whisper. For the Kremlin and its fellow travelers, he was a damnable monkey wrench tossed into the gears of the not-so-glorious worldwide revolution. Wherever Reds schemed, the Menace was there to set things right. Then, 1960 came and the whisper grew silent.

Twelve years later, Podge Becket, computer tycoon and security expert, thinks he’s hung up his mask and cape for good. He escaped the spy game while still a young man, and none but a select few know about his long-dead secret identity. But into his restless retirement steps a ghost from his past, a bitter Russian colonel with nothing to lose and the means to wreak worldwide destruction.

Aided by his partner, inventor and physician Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright, the Red Menace is dragged back into the hero game. But it’s a whole new world out there, and if the Menace doesn’t watch his step, the swingin’ Seventies might just find him RED AND BURIED!