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My House of Dreams

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Susan Kite
224 pages
6 x 9 Trade paperback
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by Susan Kite

Available in eBook format

Death stalked California for almost thirty years before it reached the peaceful valley of Tacayme, where Noki’s people had lived for generations. Death in the form of disease and genocide followed these white invaders as they conquered vast areas of the southwest.

Now Spanish priests and their followers begin building a mission with the intention of converting all the people and extending Spain’s influence. Noki is curious, but fearful as he spies on the Sosabitom. He has heard the rumors, but when one of the priests treats his brother with kindness, Noki wonders what is true and what is false. He must find out before death visits his family!

Susan Kite is the author of Zorro's Pacific Odyssey, a trilogy from Bold Venture Press.