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Cultists Always Ring Twice (eBook)

Maxi and Moxie

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Teel James Glenn
58,480 words
ePub / Kindle
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Moxie Donovan, freelance reporter, is a big-hearted slob, right? An old girlfriend-turned-movie star comes to him for help with a vile blackmailer. He can’t resist offering to help her — especially since he might discover a story suitable for publication.

His wife Maxi, on the other hand, isn’t so altruistic. Moxie is hers, damnit, hers! No pigeon-toed actress is going to put the move on him — except for herself, of course. Before finding the blackmailer, they run up against Gestapo goons and crazed chorus girls. Turns out even Hollywood Zombies need agents!

MOXIE DONOVAN is a tough Irish reporter married to red-haired, Jewish movie star MAXI KELLER. Relocated to Universal Studios in Hollywood in 1938, the duo investigate mysteries spinning into the realm of weird tales, often with the Nazi menace and occult matters looming behind the famous Hollywoodland sign.