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Kanaka Blues (eBook)

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Mike Farris
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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by Mike Farris

(Also available in softcover edition)

In the Hawaiian islands, some believe Paradise was lost as the 19th century drew to a close. They use every legal means to protest and fight the United States occupation. Sometimes, they even die for their cause, though not by choice …

Erin Hanna comes to the islands to finish her mentor’s work, after he turns up dead. An investigation points to an outlaw sovereignty leader — but Erin suspects the arrest is motivated by politics, not proof. Setting out to prove his innocence, she finds herself squarely in the real killer’s sites. Surviving this case is something her mentor couldn’t have prepared her for …

Praise for The Catch by Mike Farris

“A spellbinding thriller that takes on lawyer bashing and, on a larger scale, the poisonous impact of hate speech of all kinds. This is a riveting book with captivating, complex characters. I predict you will be turning pages late into the night. Highly recommended.” — William Bernhardt, bestselling author of The Last Chance Lawyer

“Mike Farris brings all his impressive legal expertise to his newest book THE CATCH; a gripping and fast-paced novel about a relentless serial killer murdering some of Big D’s best lawyers, and the two detectives obsessed with stopping him.” — Kathleen Kent, author of The Dime

“Farris puts his many years of experience as an attorney to good use in THE CATCH. It’s a witty, intricately-plotted thriller that kept me reading late into the night. Farris has created two likable protagonists and balances gruesome murders with plenty of gallows humor. Don’t miss this great thriller.” — David Putnam, author of The Reckless

“Sharp, witty, and more than a little bloody … THE CATCH by Mike Farris is one helluva read. Detectives Hal Barnes and Ed Hathcox have an easygoing rapport that propels the duo, and the reader, through this tightly plotted Texas novel. Part mystery, part legal thriller, the latest by Farris is all-around great. Catch it.” — J. Todd Scott, author of The Far Empty, High White Sun, This Side of Night, Lost River.

“Who doesn’t love a good lawyer joke, especially when there’s a page-turning thriller attached? Do yourself a favor and read Mike Farris’s latest. This is the real deal, great characters and a compelling plot.” — Harry Hunsicker, author of Texas Sicario, former Executive Vice-President of the Mystery Writers of America


Mike Farris is a retired attorney. His practice included commercial litigation and entertainment law. He is a past Chair of the State Bar of Texas Entertainment and Sports Law Section. In his last jury trial, he obtained a multi-million-dollar judgment in favor of his client in a case involving the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.