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Last Redhead, The (eBook)

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by John L. French

Cover by Robert A. Maguire

(Available in softcover)

Sometimes you do it for the money.
Sometimes you do it for the thrill.
But usually, you do it for the girl.

What is “hardboiled” fiction? The girl you gave a ride to, without mentioning it to your wife … The “sure thing” at the race track … The payroll money “no one” will miss … “Hardboiled” fiction is a regrettable mistake … and sometimes people don’t live to regret. John L. French demonstrates “hardboiled” in 15 stories. Read them before you inevitably throw caution to the wind …

JOHN L. FRENCH has worked for over 40 years as a crime scene investigator. As a break from the realities of his job, he writes science fiction, pulp, horror, fantasy, and (of course) crime fiction.