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Hellfire Lounge #1

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198 pages, 6" x 9"
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R. Allen Leider, editor
Mystery / Horror / Anthology series

Satan is your host and his guests include Beelzebub, Druscilla Marie d’Lambert (Wicca Girl) and Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz (Daughter of Darkness). The drinks are strong and a coven of master storytellers — James Chambers, John L. French, CJ Henderson, R. Allen Leider and Richard Dean Starr — impart tales of strange and unearthly things.

Sip your bubbling brew and hear of a dragon who prefers bacon to virgins; the cannibal curse of Aleister Crowley; a kindly grandfather accidentally transformed into a blood-thirsty zombie; two complete case files of supernatural investigator Bianca Jones; soul-searching and snatching in the most perverse manner; a Holocaust survivor’s bizarre revenge goes amok; cowardly reprobate Darby goes to Hell to help a friend; the Devil’s three sons — Moe, Larry and Curley — foul up the Apocalypse; the ancient Syrens plot world domination via the recording industry; and many more accounts of the supernatural. BONUS: New Scotland Yard enlists MI-6 agent Wicca Girl — Druscilla, Queen of Witches — to capture a 300 year-old serial killer.

Have a seat and join the party! You never know who you’ll meet in The Hellfire Lounge!