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Wicca Girl: Fighting Fire With Hellfire Since 1091 A.D.

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6" x 9"
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by R. Allen Leider

Join Druscilla Marie d'Lambert on her amazing odyssey from convent schoolgirl to Queen of the Witches, to MI-6 supernatural agent "Wicca Girl". This first book of the trilogy launches the chaotic chain of events that begins when Satan banishes his serial-killer mistress of 18 years, Countess Jocelyn Von Hagen, and incurs her wrath--a 900 year reign of terror that sweeps up Druscilla, a Medieval girl with a mysterious destiny, and catapults her into a fantastic world of supernatural beings, dark mysteries and international spies. Naturally, there's some time off for shopping with her fire-breathing sidekick, 18 year old Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz, U.C.L.A.'s own Daughter of Darkness and Satan's only Little Princess. Together, they tackle Jocelyn, her powerful son Maxmillian and the evil forces of UMBRA, a supernatural crime syndicate that makes 007's S.P.E.C.T.R.E. look like the Cub Scounts. Danger and death surround our heroines on all sides as the magical and espionage worlds collide head on with 'The Betty and Veronica from Hell'. If you only read one book this year...