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Hellfire Lounge #2

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228 pages, 6" x 9"
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R. Allen Leider, editor
Mystery / Horror / Anthology series

Stories by: C.J. Henderson, John L. French, Robert E. Waters, K.T. Pinto, Paul Kupperberg, Patrick Thomas, Don Alfieri, Brian M. Sammons and Jean Marie Ward.

Satan hosts the nightly party at The Hellfire Lounge. A coven of master storytellers relate fourteen bizarre tales. Step up to the bar, name your poison and hear of vampiress Celeste's soap-opera life; legendary assassin Nalo Thoran puts the hit on his own master with unexpected results, a new case file of supernatural investigator Bianca Jones; in Mexico a mysterious lake hides an Apocalyptic terror; a visit to an unholy circus; scientists discover a Doomsday species on a south seas island; and many more accounts of the supernatural.

Plus, a special WICCA GIRL bonus story: In 1887, Druscilla joins forces with Sherlock Holmes to hunt Jack the Ripper. London residents dread the notorious Ripper, who dwells in darkened alleys awaiting his next victim. Can the world's greatest detective — aided by Satan's daughter — halt the bloodshed and unmask the culprit?