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Hellfire Lounge #4: Reflections of Evil

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Edited by R. Allen Leider
Mystery / Horror / Anthology series

Stories by: C.J. Henderson, John L. French, Robert E. Waters, K.T. Pinto, Paul Kupperberg, Patrick Thomas, Don Alfieri, Brian M. Sammons and Jean Marie Ward.

Beware the image you see in that mirror! It may not be what it seems, a simple reflection of the real world. It may have a dark reality of its own, harboring beings, creatures and spirits beyond imagination. Untold terrors may lurk in that funhouse mirror, and the image imprisoned in that gilded frame may be the result of a curse, a spell or it could be a gateway to another plane of existence …or entre to Hell itself.

In London’s famed Hellfire Lounge, a coven of authors, some of whom do not cast reflections, bring you chilling tales and dire warnings of the dangers of Reflected Evil! And, for the first time anywhere – the TRUTH about the most famous magic mirror of all time!