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Signed in Blood: Deals With the Devil Gone Bad

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6" x 9" softcover

Edited by R. Allen Leier

"We the undersigned, fully understanding of the risks involved, do willingly present our tales of infernal dealings, agreement and contracts."

  • Audrey Parente
  • Mickey Spillane
  • C J Henderson
  • John L. French
  • Gary Lovisi
  • Patrick Thomas
  • J. Brad Staal 
  • Jean Marie Ward
  • Robert E. Waters
  • Duncan Ralston
  • Patrick Loveland
  • Jack Dolphin
  • Quintin Peterson

Just sign on the dotted line and your dreams come true … for seven years, then Hell is in session! Here are twisted “soulful” tales of terror and humor about those who seek fame, fortune and power the easy way — but at “the greatest expense.” Step up because we have a custom contract written just for you.