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The Devil's Doubloons

Tales of Zorro's Old California

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6 x 9 in. softcover / hardcover
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by Johnston McCulley

Tales of Zorro's Old California

(Available in eBook edition)

In the early 1800s, California — with its warmth, its romance, its peaceful beauties — was still under Spanish rule. While the legend of Zorro grew, stirring the hearts of Californians, this sprawling state was a land of opportunity and adventure — and, oft-times, great danger.

The Devil’s Doubloons

Señor Mendoza had all the ingredients of success, but Fate cast him aside. Then, at the moment he was prepared to end his life, a mysterious masked woman sought his aid, and El Diablo brought a great promise — and a great threat! A thrilling Old California adventure from 1940 by the creator of Zorro!

Cover by Francisco Silva