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Pulp Adventures #24

Pulp Adventures

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente
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Winter 2017

Pulp Adventures #24 offers a roller coaster blend of new and classic genre fiction — mystery, science fiction, horror, romance, western, more! This issue also features a complete 46-page pulp-inspired graphic novel.

  • H.P. Lovecraft: "Polaris"
  • H. Bedford-Jones: "Down the Coast of Barbary"
  • Sam Merwin, Jr.: "Sheridan Rides Again," a Civil War/Reconstruction Days story.
    • Confederate soldiers seek asylum in Mexico, and General Phil Sheridan suspects a new attempt at conquering the Union.
Lovecraftian stories by ...
  • Frank Schindiler: "Beneath the Skin of the Earth"
  • John E. Petty: "The Horror in the Desert"
  • Richard A. Lupoff: "The Crimson Wizard and the Jewels of Lemuria," featuring a pulp-inspired hero battling a Lovecraftian menace.
  • Jack Bludis: "Borrowed Time," a hard-boiled thriller.
Graphic novel: Daemon Mask by Stuart Hopen and Russ Martin

In this 46-page exclusive, written by Stuart Hopen (creator of The Twilight Patrol), you'll meet The Whisper, the wildest new pulp hero of all. Stranger than The Shadow ... crazier than The Spider! Lyle Courtland's odyssey begins when he reclaims a friend's body. Soon, he is pitted against a sadist, fighting evil when he comes into possession of the daemon mask -- or does it come into possession of him? Once the bad guys meet him, they'll spend the remainder of their lives never forgetting him.

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    Another issue of great new and classic pulp fiction

    Posted by Michael Brown on Mar 5th 2020

    Pulp Adventures #24 (Winter 2017) kicks off 2017 with this great pulp fanzine from Bold Venture Press. As always, we get a collection of classic and New Pulp fiction (with some notes) and this time also a pulp graphic novel, under an Emmet Watson cover, which ties to one of the stories reprinted here. For classic pulp, we get: The cover feature, “Sheridan Rides Again,” is a post Civil War adventure by Sam Merwin Jr. that first appeared in an issue of Thrilling Adventure in 1941. Accompanying this reprint is an article that appeared in the same issue by Merwin that explains the historical background of the story. A prolific pulp writer (mysteries and science fiction mainly) and editor (several leading science-fiction pulps), most of his works are out of print. Bold Venture plans on reprinting more of them soon. From the prolific H. Bedford-Jones we get “Down the Coast of Barbary,” an adventure story set in the Middle East. It appeared in Argosy All-Story in 1922. Altus Press has been reprinting quite of bit of his works of late. And finally, we get a short story by H.P. Lovecraft: “Polaris.” This story is one of several influenced by the works of Lord Dunsany, and is not part of his Cthulhu stories. A notable fact about this work is that it’s the first to make use of one of Lovecraft’s fictitious arcane tomes, in this case the Pnakotic Manuscripts. This one originally appeared in an amateur publication in 1920. I also enjoyed reading a little about the real Lovecraft, from the brother of one of Lovecraft’s best friends, whom he visited with in Florida. For New Pulp, we get several stories. Frank Schildiner, who has written several New Pulp novels and short stories, provides “Beneath the Skin of the Earth,” which is a Lovecraftian tale of horror. John E. Petty provides a horror tale in “Horror in the Desert” For a difference, Jack Bludis provides a hard-boiled thriller in “Borrowed Time.” And last, but not least, Richard A. Lupoff gives us a pulp hero who fights supernatural threats in “The Crimson Wizard and the Jewels of Lemuria.” This character takes equal inspiration from the early comic-book characters, as we learn in a sidebar. We are also treated with a Crimson Wizard comic-book cover as well. For pulp comics, we get one of Stuart Hopen‘s Daemon Mask stories. I had reviewed Daemon Mask previously here. This story is actually the first of the three created stories, giving the origin of The Whisper. And this is not your average pulp-hero origin. The Daemon Mask comic book is actually the third (and final?) story in the sequence. Up until now the first and second stories were only readable on-line, so this is its first real publication. Hopefully the second one will also be published in a future issue, as I don’t believe its available online any more. Bold Venture Press is also bring out his Twilight Patrol series, Hopen’s take on the air adventure pulp genre. As always, another great issue.