Pulp Adventures #30

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente

Mystery, science fiction, horror -- new and classic pulp fiction!

Rich Harvey, editor

Cover art by John Frew

This issue boasts two big features — far-flung science fiction by Vic Phillips, "Maiden Voyage," and a supernatural crimefighter, The Wraith, in "’Twixt Heaven and Hell" by John Petty. PLUS a new DAEMON MASK graphic novel, never-before-published, by Stuart Hopen & Russ Martin, starring The Whisper, the Knave of Nightmare Noir!

Classic Pulp Fiction

  • "A Long Crime Ago" by Charles Boeckman
    Consummate gratification rarely has a price tag
  • "Big-Nose Charley's Dog Helps Out" by Charles W. Tyler
    Nightingale the mutt has a talent for sniffing out trouble ... And why not? His keeper is Big-nose Charley, the notorious con-artist!
  • "Maiden Voyage" by Vic Phillips
    Trouble starts when a commercial man makes a military invention — and doesn’t know it!

New Pulp Fiction

  • "’Twixt Heaven and Hell" by John Petty
    Dr. Thomas Bannon is murdered, and his career as the Wraith begins. Neither alive nor dead, Bannon embarks on a vengeance mission.
  • "I Spy" by Pauline Turner
    Brigit Hastings knows danger is part of her job. But what if the jeopardy flows onto those she loves?
  • "Daemon Mask: Queen of the Crystal Sword"
    by Stuart Hopen & Russ Martin
    [24-page comic section] The Whisper’s second adventure brings him into conflict with an ancient love affair and reincarnation.
    [The Whisper's origin story appears in Pulp Adventures #24]