Pulp Adventures #16

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente

Winter 2015
Reprinted together, back-to-back, in this issue ... Arthur J. Burks' earth-shaking science-fiction thriller "Survival" and "Exodus" -- two stories recounting a future America's flight into subterranean chambers to escape an invasion of Mongol invaders -- and their triumphant return to reclaim the surface world as their own!
"Thubway Tham's Four Queens" by Johnston McCulley
Detective Craddock has his suspicions, but the notorious pickpocket known as Thubway Tham considered himself a guest of honor at a high-stakes poker game.
"The Watcher" by Charles E. Fritch
He awaited his destiny, watching the stars for a sign from afar ...
"63,571" by L. L. Hayum.
She was slaving over a hot griddle when someone offered her a ride in a fancy new car. Why not?
Original pulp illustrations, plus new illustrations by Ed Coutts. Classic cover by Norman Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate.