Pulp Adventures #18

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7" x 10" softcover
Audrey Parente

Summer 2015

Jim MacDonald, Robert Leslie Bellem,
Stewart Sterling, Lauran Paine, Richard A. Lupoff,
Gary Lovisi, Paul Dale Anderson.

"MacDonald's Nightmare Safari" by Jim MacDonald.
"Model For a Corpse" by Robert Leslie Bellem
Why was the the nude cupcake chilled over a diary? For enough geetus, Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective, seeks out the book.
"The Corpse Doctor" by Stewart Sterling
Detective Steve Koski hunts for killers sailing New York Harbor.
"Two-Gun Lady" by Lauran Paine
With a fully-loaded heart, she handled a gun better'n most men!
"Treasure of the Red Robe Men" by Richard A. Lupoff
A new south seas adventure with a new south seas hero -- Splash Shanahan is the name, and you won't soon forget it!
"New Blood" by Gary Lovisi
"Who Knows What Evil Lurks?" by Paul Dale Anderson
"Lauran Paine, Authentic Old West Pulp Author" by David Ouse
Short sidebars on Dan Turner, the Men's Adventure Magazine genre, and Splash Shanahan.
Original pulp illustrations, cover by Norman Saunders.