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Pulp Adventures #16 (eBook)

Pulp Adventures

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EPUB and MOBI (Kindle)
Audrey Parente
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Winter 2015

(Also available in print)

Reprinted together, back-to-back, in this issue ... Arthur J. Burks' earth-shaking science-fiction thriller "Survival" and "Exodus" -- two stories recounting a future America's flight into subterranean chambers to escape an invasion of Mongol invaders -- and their triumphant return to reclaim the surface world as their own!

"Thubway Tham's Four Queens" by Johnston McCulley — Detective Craddock has his suspicions, but the notorious pickpocket known as Thubway Tham considered himself a guest of honor at a high-stakes poker game.

"The Watcher" by Charles E. Fritch — He awaited his destiny, watching the stars for a sign from afar ...

"63,571" by H. L. Hayum — She was slaving over a hot griddle when someone offered her a ride in a fancy new car. Why not?

Cover by Norman Saunders.