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Pulp Adventures #32 (eBook)

Pulp Adventures

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Audrey Parente
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Mystery, science fiction, horror — new and classic pulp fiction!

(Available in softcover format)

Audrey Parente, editor

Classic Pulp Fiction

  • The Death Dancer | Charles Boeckman  3
    The “Atomic Goddess of Beauty” sees a strange case of murder explode!
  • Roman Holiday | Talbot Mundy  28
    A tale of Christians and Romans — and Lions — in the reign of mad Caligula!
  • The Pigtail of Hi Wing Ho | Sax Rohmer  119
    Mystery in Chinatown ...
New Pulp Fiction
  • The Mystery of Island X! | Bobby Nash  15
    Lance Starr and his scrappy crew investigate mysterious goings-on on an island — only to discover the island IS the mystery!
  • The Spawn of Lilthu | William M. Hope  51
    The “Welcome” mat was Thurl’s invitation to a hellish fate.
  • The Wicked Big ‘Monstah Ovah Bawstin’ | David Bernard  63
    An FBI agent generates buzz with his biggest case.
  • Time and Tide | Adam Beau McFarlane  75
    The Black Island Tavern plays host to a sailor like no other.
  • Stranded At Saturn | Jack Halliday  79
    He dreamt of reaching the stars … until he crash-landed …
  • A Snitch in Time | Robert W. Walker  83
    First-class seats for murder …